Why Is Aloe So Important for Your Skin and Hair?

Many of our customers tend to notice that organic Aloe Vera leaf juice is the primary ingrdient in all of our premium formulas. As a result, we get asked this question a lot - Why is Aloe so important for the overall health of skin and hair?
Let us explain:
Treating Sunburn
Nutrients and antioxidants in the plant work to sooth the pain and regenerate the skin. Aloe Vera is an extremely powerful healing agent.
Anti-Aging Treatment
Aloe Vera helps smooth out fine lines and improve the skin's natural firmness.
Hair Treatment
Aloe Vera helps strengthen the hair. Aloe also acts as a conditioning agent that will give you strong, smooth and healthy hair while preventing dandruff. When washing your hair you should always message all the way down to your scalp for a couple of minutes. Do not immediately rinse out the formula after application. You should always leave it in for several minutes so that you’re getting the full benefits of the ingredients. We recommend applying your shampoo first then washing your body and going back to rinsing your hair as the final step to your shower routine.
Scar Treatment
Aloe Vera leaf juice can help with the treatment of scars by promoting the healing process and softening the appearance of scar tissue.
Moisturizing Properties
Aloe Vera makes a fantastic moisturizer - it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, so naturally it’s great for all skin types. We recommend using our Aspen Bark Oil-Free Moisturizer after shaving for it’s healing properties as well. This will help with any small nicks or cuts. Our Moisturizer will soften and keep your skin smooth, hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Apply immediately after showering, in the morning and before bed. 
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