Summer Haircuts: Our Top 5 Picks

The summer solstice may still be a couple weeks away, but it's not too early to get your first haircut of the season if you haven't already done so.  In this post we reveal our top 5 picks, in no particular order.  Some of these may seem pretty obvious, others less so.  If we're being honest, these weren't difficult choices for us.  Each of these cuts are both timeless and on-point with current trends, thus resulting in an easy determination.  Not only that, but we think this list has something for everybody.  Whether you're in need of a big change or just need to refresh your look, we've got you covered.
So without further ado, off we go.
The Taper / Fade
Purist may argue but we think these cuts are essentially one in the same, so we grouped them together.  The only debateble difference lies with the length of hair up top - a fade is much shorter than a taper (see images above - taper to the left).  Ultimately, what you'll observe with both cuts is a super clean, close trim around the ears and neck that blends naturally into the top of your head.  This look is rooted in the military and is great for almost any guy, so give it a shot!
Ask your barber:  Start low at the sideburns and gradually increase to a medium blend above the ears if you want to see more scalp.  Too high and your into new territory, like that of our next cut.
The High & Tight
The name says it all.  This cut is characterized by a high fade and a close trim up top.  The Marines consider this the everyday standard so if you want to up your badass points we recommend this look.  Tip: We think some facial scruff really takes this to the optimum level - like that of style god Mr. Reynolds pictured above.
Ask your barber:  This is a pretty simple process, a good barber will know what you're talking about when you reference the name.  Keep the sides close and the top an inch or two in length.  This will significantly reduce the amount of styling required as your hair will fall into place on its own.  Just leave it be.
The Pompadour
This is a bit of a hybrid and probably the trendiest of our picks.  We say this because this cut embodies a variety of styles all in one, and can include a broad array of "extras" so to speak.  You can sport the pompadour with or without a hard side-part, a low to high taper, or even a few inches of hair to comb back on the sides as well - the choice is yours!  What ultimately signifies a true pomp is the up-swept, full-bodied, high-volume look that's made it so universal and given it such longevity.  Think corporate advertsing shark or hot rod greaser from the 60's, all the way to millennial rapper G-Eazy and grooming pioneer David Beckham.
Ask your barber:  It's important to note you will need a fair amount of hair to begin with.  Also, this cut requires a tad more maintanence than others.  If you want to style the pompadour properly you're probably going to need a hair dryer and some product.  Your barber will make recommendations.  Be sure to ask for some texture to allow the hair to stand up and be manipulated easily.  This requires scissors not just an electric razor, so make sure you go to a reputable barber that knows the difference.  Like we mentioned, you basically have free reign with the sides of your head with this one so trim to your desired specifications and go forth like a winner.
The Flow
Our last two picks are the most natural and require the least amount of thought on your part.  The "flow" has become a big hit again in just the past couple of years, and we dig it.  This look will also save you a lot of time making a decision because if you aren't already in the ball park length wise, your hair isn't going to be there anytime soon.  Sorry!  If you do have some nice long locks to play with, we suggest simply keeping it that way friend.  You are already a member of a small percentage of dudes out there with such a mane, and variety makes the world go round.  P.S. It's okay to wear your flow in a bun if absolutely necessary, you know at the gym and whatnot.  Just don't go crazy.
Ask your barber:  There isn't much to say about this as you might expect.  Your barber may suggest a slight trim to clean up your ends and existing layers for aesthetic purposes, but that's about all you'll need.  Happy flow bro.
The DIY Buzz
This is another cut that is having a moment as of late and no, you don't have to achieve it on your own.  But you can.  As a matter of fact, a set of well made clippers is a practical investment for any man that cares at all about his appearance and level of grooming.  This is especially true if you ever decide you want to shave your head instead of paying somebody to do it for you.  Boom!  Anyway, this is extremely easy to pull off - just select a clipper guard from an eight to a sixteenth of an inch and be sure not to miss a spot.
If you can't help but Ask your barber in a case like this, just show him any photo of Nick Jonas or tell him you want to look like an Army recruit during basic training and he'll know what to do.
Cheers to summer!
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