Prescribed Grooming for the Looming Cold Months Ahead

We're having trouble believing it ourselves but fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner, time flies doesn't it?  As you guys can imagine, this is an extremely busy time for us.  In fact, we can say without question that the next two months won't really consist of anything other than events, making product for events, fulfilling orders, making product to fulfill orders, and some more office time thrown in.  But no pity necessary, this is what we live for!  The grind and routine aside, it's important to mention we do experience periodic moments of epiphany.  Just the other day we realized that what's even more important than preparation for the coming holidays is those of you that rely on us for grooming advice and expertise!  Seriously.  Laugh if you will, but it was a tender scene and we know you need us just a little bit.  So, were going to help you look and feel your best this season for those dinner parties, exciting cross country travel and imminent, prolonged banter with relatives you don't like.

Doesn't it seems like activities pick up this time of year even when temperatures drop?  That being said, there are some important factors to keep in mind on the subject of grooming when it gets cold out.  Some of you probably think your daily regimen needs no adjustment as compared to the summer months when all you did was sweat, but you're wrong and it's tragic.  Don't fret, we've a few tips and the best products (from our premium line, of course) to keep you on top of your game!


Hair / Body



These areas are especially important as they account for everything from your head to your toes aside from your face, which we'll discuss next.  The main thing we want to stress here is also the most critical, overarching point to this post...which is moisture.  Colder months require less washing of your skin and hair, truly.  DO NOT, however, neglect any and all hygiene just because you have more layers of clothing on.  Odors come through.  What we are suggesting is spending less time standing under hot water. It's not necessary to take twenty minute showers during the winter (keep it between five and ten).  The only result you'll achieve from excessive rinsing is horrible dryness with little to no relief unless you intend on rubbing yourself down in jergens everyday, which we don't recommend.  A quick clean up prevents the loss of necessary moisture produced by your body.  Of course, your products make a difference as well; stick with those that are naturally conditioning and replenish oils and vitamins.  Our Stimulating Coffee Bar Soap and 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash are formulated with organic aloe and fruit/vegetable based cleansers and moisture rich ingredients like coconut oil, glycerin and omega-3 and 6.

*One last thing to mention before we move on.  Please maintain control of your various situations, if you catch our drift.  Again, more clothes doesn't justify laziness. We live in the 21st century not an ice age.




Beard / Shave



By the way, Happy No Shave November!!  If you happen to be one of the bold individuals letting your beard grow this month, God speed.  If not, that's cool too.  We've got you covered either way.  The subject of your facial hair is much simpler because it's elective, but no less important.  This is a review for most of you but let's refresh our memories shall we.  If you're shaving this time of year, just be sure to continue practicing the healthy and effective techniques you're accustomed to and all will be fine.  Ensure your scruff is wet and your pores open to perform a smooth shave, preferably after stepping out of the shower.  Use a clean razor, please.  Shave with the grain.  You'll experience just as close a shave without the irritation, which will only be magnified when touched by cold air.  It's very unpleasant.  Moisturize when you finish unless you want a nickname like frosted flake or something because your skin is so dry.  Shaving is a type of exfoliation which removes layers of the epidermis (flesh), so give your mug the care it deserves!



Your beard (if you choose to maintain one) is a different story, and we don't have much to say except take better care of it than you think it needs.  Washing, trimming, treating, etc.  All these things are necessary.  If you haven't read our recent post about beard care, click here.  Otherwise, we recommend grabbing a bottle of our Camo Beard Oil.  It'll keep your mane and the skin beneath in tip-top shape.






This one is pretty self explanatory, but allow us to reiterate a few things.  Your face requires minimal washing, once or twice a day at most.  Otherwise, vital moisture and oils are lost which tells the glands below the surface of your skin to purge and produce those oils at a higher rate.  This scenario is most prevalent when balancing agents like toner and moisturizer aren't being used in conjunction with cleansing, ultimately leading to break outs.  So as you would assume, the most proven and effective way to keeping your face smooth and blemish free this time of year guessed it, moisturizing.  Apply twice a day (morning/before bed) and thank us later.

*If you take one thing away from this post it should be this, your skin and hair are at their best with a healthy level of moisture.


Our Aspen Bark Oil-Free Moisturizer is formulated to address the issues of acne breakouts and inflammatory skin conditions, a smooth silky cream that absorbs readily and completely. Contains Aloe and allantoin to relieve skin irritation, niacinamide and panthenol to relieve the redness and inflammation of blemishes, and natural salicylic acid to keep the pores clear and help prevent future breakouts. Acne-prone skin may not be so oily but over-drying can stimulate oil production. Hyaluronic acid fights this cycle by keeping the skin hydrated and healthy.


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