Washing Your Hair, the Right Way

We all know the havoc summer temps and humidity can wreak on our hair.  No gentlemen, women aren't the only ones effected by environmental conditions.  Just because you aren't planning to change your washing and styling regimen while it's hot outside does not mean you're immune to Earth's seasonal changes.  Depending on the natural pattern of growth and thickness, we might be talking about frizz if your mane is wavy or curly, dryness/flatness if it's on the thinner side (yes, even this time of year), or any other unfortunate situation that the combination of sweat and heat often creates.  This particularly sucks because as men we don't want to have to worry about what's going on upstairs after we leave the house.  


Whether it be a dinner date, music festival or night club, we expect the meticulous effort we made putting our hair in place will hold true.  Not to be the bearer of bad news, but you will probably have to modify your strategy a bit over the next several months to make a worthwhile attempt at keeping things in place.  The good news is, the information I'm going to relate is very simple.  In fact, our advice has little to nothing to do with how you style your hair and almost everything to do with how you wash it.  Here's what we suggest:

  1. The Product - Pay close attention to the ingredients in your shampoo, and conditioner if you use one.  We harp on this constantly, but rightfully so.  After all, we develop all-natural, health-conscious grooming materials.  The point is, cheap products containing parabens and chemical fillers are going to defeat the purpose of trying to maintain a balanced level of moisture in your hair.  Look for formulas containing natural conditioners and botanicals like aloe, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, provitamin b5 and hemp seed oil (omega-3,6).

  2. While Wet - Let your shampoo/conditioner do their intended job.  The whole idea is to achieve a full-bodied look that isn't too dry or too weighed down.  Clean, dry hair will cause individual follicles to shoot in multiple directions (thick/wavy hair) or look wispy and fragile (thin/straight hair), as a result of loosing to much natural oil while washing.  Over-using styling products without proper cleansing and moisture application can force hair flat no matter the type, especially when adding summer humidity to the equation.  Therefore, lather up as soon as you step into the shower and rinse just before you get out.  This will allow the moisture-rich ingredients to adhere to your hair and penetrate to treat your scalp.  Be sure the water temperature is WARM, not hot.

  3. Finishing Up - Ideally, spend less than 10 minutes on the entire process.  Over-washing and rinsing strips vital oils and moisture important to maintaining healthy, malleable hair.  Gently, I repeat gently dry your hair.  Spastic manipulation will only serve to create a sort of disgruntled afro that you stand little to no chance of controlling.  I've been there and frustration is an understatement.  While hair is still damp, apply a modest amount of styling product to suit your unique texture.  Again, the conditioning agent you just used in the shower does a lot of the work keeping your hair in place on it's own.  Your choice of wax, pomade, or cream just serves to reinforce your look.  Too much product combined with summer heat and humidity will activate chaos as soon as you set foot outside, trust and believe.  Ultimately, you should enjoy your hair not stress it.  Take a look below at our go-to for exceptional hair, all year around.

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