5 Simple Steps For a Proper Shave

This time of year, you may be shaving more often. Do you experience skin irritation afterwards? If so, then you’re doing it WRONG. Here are five simple steps for preventing your face from looking like a flamin’ hot Cheeto after shaving (not a Trump pun).


Shave after a warm shower

The moisture and steam from the water helps your facial hair to stand up and soften.

 Exfoliate your face

Exfoliating helps dispose of dead skin, allowing for a much closer shave. This also prevents ingrown hairs that cause razor bumps.

 Use a PROPER shaving lubricant

You MUST use something to hydrate your skin. Most shaving products out there contain chemicals and fillers that DO NOT hydrate your skin. Do NOT use regular soap and water. This will dry out your skin, leaving your face feeling like leather. We recommend using our all-natural Sunflower Seed Shaving Cream! Our formulation is designed to address the irritation and inflammation associated with shaving. It is made with aloe leaf juice to soothe the skin; allantoin and panthenol-provitamin B5 to help prevent and heal irritation, and soy protein to help repair the skin’s hydration capability.

 Shave in the direction of your hair growth

Move your razor in downward strokes. Applying pressure against the grain causes irritation and razor bumps.

 Rinse with cold water and apply moisturizer

Cold water will close your pores. Finally, pat your face dry. DO NOT rub, this only leads to stinging and redness. Check out our Aspen Bark Oil-Free Moisturizer for the perfect year-round moisturizer!

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